Sunday, August 3, 2008

OK I got in trouble by my mom because I have not blogged since Thursday. I figured I had better catch up before I get into more trouble. (Love you Mom!) Well there really is not much to tell. Taylor is doing really well after having all those teeth pulled, she is ready to get back to normal, but still is on a soft diet and is ready to move on. She received $30.00 from the tooth fairy. She spent the last of it tonight to get a Barbie. I am afraid she takes after me with the saving abilities!

Saturday night we went to an Omaha Royals baseball game. They had fireworks after the game, the kids really enjoyed them. So did Dave and I, it was really a fun night.
This brings me to today, It was a HOT day here in Iowa, we spent most of the day in the pool. We even got daddy to come swim with us. We all had fun together.

Well thanks for reading this far. Now on to my Bella's...

This first one is a Spabella, I do not remember who the paper is by, the flower is CTMH and so is the brad. I was able to buy myself a 12 pack of Copic markers, and have been playing with the shading. I don't feel I have it down yet, but, will take some hints or criticism please.
Next is another Emmybella, she is my favorite so far of the ones I have. all the paper is CTMH and Emmy is all paper pieced. The flower I am not sure of. I really like how this turned out, Love the colors on it! by the way this is BSC #10

last but not least is tinkerbella. I love tinkerbella, and I love my new markers!! This card seems a little plain to me, but I like to wait to put my sentiment on till I know what they are being used for. this one is from bsc #17.
That is all I have for now. I will try to post more often so you don't have to read so much at once!
thanks for coming by!
Carri D
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Jacquie said...

I love them all!! Thanks for sharing! I think you did great on the coloring!! I just got markers too! Have fun!

Meli Mitchell said...

Aww, these are so cute!

JoanOttevanger said...

I like your cards there are lovely.

Greetings from Holland,