Friday, January 16, 2009

Blog candy alerts

Wanted to let you know about a few bloggers that have some great candy the are generously giving away!!

First is Kerry she is giving away 3 different candies to 3 people.
next is Michelle she has some Copics to give out.
Take some time and sign up for both!!


Jacquie said...

Hey girl! Thanks for sharing the Blog Candy Alerts! When you have time, stop by my blog! i have something there for you!! Hope you are getting LOTS of rest!! Hope you feel better!!!!! Take care!

Anonymous said...

These blog candies make me hungry...but I can't join....boohoo

Cause I'm not a blogger. Oh well I guess if I want something bad enough I'll just come visit you daughter and get into your stash....good idea huh...!!!???

Are you ready for Chicken and Noodles yet???


n8tvtexan said...

Thanks for sharing my blog candy link! If your mom wants to join the drawing, she can do so by emailing the link & letting me know. :)