Saturday, January 31, 2009

I was tagged

It has been a strange and weird week .
A friend of ours was killed by a train. He worked for the UP railroad and stepped off his train. He was instantly killed by an oncoming train on the next track. He was 41 and had a wife and 2 daughters.
Our Dog Ceddy was apparently bit, by something last night. He went out and when he came back in he was all bloody and a bunch of fur missing. I wont post the pic. I will spare ya. Dave took him to the vet this morning and they had to shave his back by his tail where it happened. He looks pretty goofy. He is now on steroids and drinking like crazy!
My Internet has been out a lot this week. It comes back then off again. It has been pretty steady the last day and a half though so that is good.

My challenge tag came from my good Friend Jacquie! It is to go tho the 6th folder in your pic file and share the 6th pic in that folder. well here is mine. It is my children, Taylor and Brad at age 3and 4. This was taken by the picture people it is one of my favorite portraits of them.

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SNOOPY said...

Whoa ... Carri ... what a week! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. That must be devastating for his family. And your poor pooch! That really stinks :- (

I hope your weekend and the week to come are a whole lot better. Great pic of the kids. Let's hope there's a lot more smiles coming your way.