Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday cards

Its Friday, Yipeeee!!What a way to start the weekend. My poor dog got sooo sick last night. he woke me up at 3 am cause he wanted to go out. Well poor guy was sick. By the time I left for work at 8ish, he was so lethargic I called my mom to come sit with him because I did not think he was going to make it. He is a 15 year old lab. he has skin cancer and has lost a bunch of weight, because he is not eating much anymore. I bought him some different food yesterday to try to entice him to eat more, and the vet said that was probably the reason for it. I feel so bad!! Well by the time my mom got there Dave had went home to be with him and he was doing better. Now he acts as if nothing was ever wrong.

I was able to play a little tonight and these cards are what I came up with. The first one almost hurts my eyes to look at. It is really bright. it may not look so bad on here but in person, it is.
This card came out really nice, I think. I thought maybe the glitter on the bottom was a little much, but it is growing on me. It is from a sketch I found on Cammi's site, stamp a little love baby.
Well I think that is all for now. We have soccer in the morning, and Dave has to help coach. The real coach's appendix burst before our game last night, and was in surgery with in an hour or so. Dave stepped in last night and will fill in again tomorrow, awwww ain't he sweet!!! have a great weekend everyone! Thanks as always for looking.

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Jacquie said...

I love that card, ESPECIALLY the glitter part!! I like the other cards as well, they all look great!! Hope your dog is ok! Hope you get more sleep tonight! Have a great time at soccer! Take care!

Loreen said...

These cards came out great! Love the colors =)

Debby said...

I think your cards are wonderful. Colors are great and I think the glitter is a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

This card is great! I like the glitter....I don't like working with glitter myself, but love it when someone else sticks it on their cards....Mary in Hong Kong