Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Monday

Good Monday Morning! I don't have any new artwork to share this morning. However, I wanted to share with you my new redesigned blog, thanks to Michelle at Shabby Creations . Doesn't she do a great job?!! I love how it turned out, she also has really cute Christmas designs for the holidays. go check her out.

Yesterday, I decided to make a roast. Dave is not home for dinner much with his crazy hours, so since he was home I thought it would be a nice meal to have. Well my son, is one of the pickiest kids that I have ever known. he was complaining about the smell before it even began to cook. Well it cooked all day, and I thought the house smelled wonderful. I even baked a loaf of bread, thanks Amy for your help on that. It was the perfect day with the cool weather, and the smell of bread baking, the sounds of the kids playing quietly, football in the background. you get the picture right? Well the time finally came to eat, keep in mind we have not had a nice meal together without Brad throwing a fit, in like, forever. He instantly starts in on his gagging and telling me how bad it smells, the little brat. We told him that he had to at least try it. Well he screwed up his face in the worst of ways, puts it practically up his nose to smell it, touches it with his fingers, then takes the teeny tiniest bite you can imagine. Instantly he spits it out, starts to bawl and screams out... "It tastes like Hobby Lobby!" Dave and I bust out laughing. When we finally settle down, Dave looks at me and says, very seriously, "I think you go there too much". Oh how I cherish these family dinners together!


Jacquie said...

Too funny!!! Didn't know Hobby Lobby smelled so good! Haha! I wish we had one around here! Hope you are well! LOVE the NEW blog look! I love Michelle, I agree she is the best!! Take care!

Debby said...

OMG what a kid! Hobby Lobby. What in the world does Hobby Lobby taste like? Hubby might be righ you know! And your blog does look great!

Amy said...

Your blog looks great! Brad is soooo funny. You know I do think that H.L. might smell meaty. LOL


Kim said...

LOVE your new look!!!!!!! You will have to swing by and check out mine new look too! It must be the week of blog make-overs! ha ha!
Hugs~ Kim
PS - I have a blog candy challenge going on too!

Anonymous said...

Smells like Hobby Lobby huh....

Well I'm his grandma...and let me tell you...Once a couple years ago he said I smelled like the zoo....I'm thinking that wasn't such a good thing least he didn't gag.

the Carri D mom