Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good News

Well we got some real good news today. The Vet called and it looks like Ceddie has a kidney infection. The vet said he still has quality time left, we just need to get him better. his white blood cells were more than triple what they should be. So he is just really sick. He went to the hospital today, and they put him on iv antibiotics, and fluids to flush out the kidneys. He gets to come home at night then back in the morning. for three more days. Then they will draw blood again on Monday. I will tell you though, he is so much better already. My friends Kellie and Amy were over tonight and I bet if they did not know, they could not tell he was sick. He also has a way better shave on his legs than i do. hehe they shaved both of his front legs. I just wanted to share my news, I hope to report good things again tomorrow too. Have a great night!

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SNOOPY said...

Hi Carri,

So glad to hear Ceddie is doing better. It just tugs at my heart anytime Max is ill. Hope he continues to recover quickly.
~ Snoopy :D